Kaghan is a valley situated in Mansehra district of KhyberPakhtunkhwa Province in Pakistan, the valley is home to multiple touristt points from meadows to passes. The famous destinations of the valleys includes following.

Shogran – is a hill station that has a variety of meadows. The highlights of the areas are Siri-Paye Meadows. We offer stays at Shogran at Hotel ____, so that we have an access to the meadows via jeep. Siri-Paye meadows is a hill station with views of valley & lakes. itisa day excursion to the site.

Naran – is home of lush green mountains & river Kunhar that flows across the highway. The stay at Naran is with our partner hotel Dimanchi & Hilton Hotel Naran. The famous accessible areas from Naran are Lake saif-ul-mulook,which is a jeep track in summers.Another lake that is accessible is Aansoo lake, which is a trek of 7-hrs. Some other activities we offer while our stay at Naran are exploration of Naran market & rafting at River Kunhar. The Naran bazar is famous for its delicious Chapli kabab & warm clothing.

Jalkhad – this is an area while we head towards Babusar Top. Jalkhad has lush green mountains running along the highway & offer scenic views. There are glacial rivers running throw. We offer short stopovers for refreshment & pictures.

Lulusar Lake – Lulusar Lake is a lake situated between Naran & Babusar Top. The lake offers landscapes and a decent hotel offering lunch & refreshments. Lulusar Lake offers picturesque views for tourists.

Gitidas Meadows – Gitidas is another tourist spot that offers lush green meadows & we offer short stays for excursion of the area. The meadows are clearly seen from Babusar Top.

Babusar Top is also known as Babusar pass that connects Kaghan Valley & Thak Nala, Chillas on Karakoram highway. Babusar Pass is usually open from mid-June to end of October. The pass has picturesque views & zigzag road. The top offers a clear view of Gitidas Meadows. Babusar pass is an alternate route to reach Gilgit Baltistan other than Karakoram Highway. We offer a short stopover to tourist groups to enjoy views & take pictures. There is a variety of food stalls and restaurants that offer tea/coffee & refreshments to the tourists. It is a refreshing site for mind & eyes.

The route is open from mid of June to end of October, we plan our trips for Gilgit-Baltistan in this season. The areas offer a variety of rivers, glacial streams, green mountains, lakes, snow on babusar top. The night stays are offered in Shogran & Naran, while other tourist spots are covered with short stays to enjoy views. The route is a treat who love to experience a variety of views. We offer customized tours also, which can offer multiple night stay at Naran & shogran dedicated to explore every single area & absorb the beauty of the surroundings. The group tours to Gilgit-Baltistan offer single night stays at Naran. Kaghan Valley itself can also be explored by booking a customised tour or with the group tours offered throughout the summer season.

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