Skardu district or valley is also a part of Gilgit Baltistan province in Pakistan. Skardu is one of the major destinations for tourist in the region. Famous Shangrila resort is also in Skardu. There many lakes, Beautiful valleys and rivers in this area. Skardu is also famous for the starting point for expiation to K2 mountain. Skardu lies in Himalyan mountain range.

Royal’s Adventure Club (Pvt) Limited plan trips to Skardu and its surrounding valleys by road or by air from Karachi and Islamabad. Our main touristic points in Skardu are Shangrila resort Skardu, Upper Kachura and lower kachura lake, Katpana cold desert, Shigar valley, Sarfranga desert and Deosai plains. Our professional and humble guides will take you away from the stressed world to the magical mountains of Himalayan mountain range.

Road to Skardu itself an adventurous part of trip 165KM long road through organic valleys along the River Indus gives beautiful landscapes. Royal’s Adventure Club drivers and best vehicles will make your trip more comfortable on this journey.

SHANGRILA RESORT is one of the best and most favorite resort in Skardu. The rooms of Shangrila Resort Skardu provides lower Kachura lake view. Charges vary according to its room size and view starting from PKR24000/- Per night. Restaurant in this resort is made up by using an old aircraft. You can go for walk in the Kachura village and Upper Kachura lake from this resort it takes you to reach to the lake 15 to 30 minutes. The Kachura village is famous for charry and apricot gardens. You will be amazed by walking through the gardens of pink and white trees of charry and apricot. You can go for boating in the lake boats can be booked on spot or you can book through Royal’s Adventure Club website.

DEOSAI NATIONAL PARK is one of the highest national parks in the world. This 2.3 Kilometer long and 1.8 kilometer wide grassy plain gives beautiful view of the surrounding Himalayan mountains and lakes in it. Royal’s Adventure Club arrange the most luxury SUVs from Skardu for its customer for the jeep safari in Deosai National Park. Upon reaching on Deosai top from Skardu in one hour drive you can feel how the environment clean at the top of the National park at 4400 meters. We make two stops at Bara Pani and Kala pani rivers for some photography and tea break. These rivers come from the Ladakh side of Jammu Kashmir and then flow down towards the Shyok river. Our next stop during the jeep safari is Sheosar lake. Sheosar lake is one of the alpine and highest lake in the Himalayan mountains. Royal’s Adventure Club’s trained guides will give you complete knowledge about this lake and provides you plenty of time so you can enjoy the nature. Royal’s Adventure Club provides camping services in Deosai National Park with complete camping gears and kitchen equipment.

While staying in our luxury hotel Himalaya in Skardu you can go for a walk on the Indus river or you can go to explore local market where you can find some balti handicrafts and dry fruits.

Royal’s Adventure Club also provides services of Skardu, Shigar and Khaplu trips by air from Islamabad and Karachi. The only one daily flight of Pakistan International Airline goes to Skardu airport in summers as well as in winters. The flights are some time cancelled due to the bad weather.

Our company make sure to provide best possible hotels for our valuable guests from the world. Royal’s Adventure Club works with Shangrila Resort Skardu, Shigar Serena Hotel, Serena Khaplu Palace and Hotel Himalaya.

Shigar and Khaplu are further two attractions in this trip where you can go to explore the spectacular landscape and witness the valleys of rich culture of balti people. Manthoka waterfall and Khamash waterfall is also the part of the trip when our group and private customized tours are arranged.

Royal’s Adventure Club provides complete services for trekking to K2 the second highest mountain in the world. Our high-altitude porters and guides will take you to Karakoram Central National park in 20 days’ time. During this expedition you will be given a complete high-altitude food to eat so you can maintain your energy level for the long trek.  Upon reaching at Concordia and K2 Base camp you’ll be amazed by the 360 degree view of the central Karakoram park.

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