Fairy Meadows, Hunza & Naran Valley


13th June – 20th June


Hunza is a district in Pakistan’s northern area in Gilgit Baltistan region. This is the last district bordering with China’s Xinjiang province. This rich cultural valley is famous for tourism in Pakistan. Fairy Meadow is a lush green meadow at the base of world’s 9th highest mountain “Nanga Parbat”. Fairy meadow lies in District diamir in Gilgit Baltistan. The meadow is accessible only by trekking from Tatoo “a village near Fairy Meadow”. Fairy Meadow is accessible only in summers for tourists. There are many camping sites and wooden cabins are available on rent for night stays. You need to hire a local guide from Chilas or Gilgit to plan a Fairy Meadow trip.


• Chillas
• Chillas Market
• Raikot
• Tattu Village
• Fairy Meadows
• Nanga Parbat
• Bayal Camp
• Fairy Meadows Forest
• Nanga Parbat view point
• Three mountains junction
• Raka poshi view point
• Hunza Valley
• Gilgit river
• Karimabad Market
• Altit Fort
• Baltit Fort
• Eagle’s Nest View point
• Atabad Tunnels
• Atabad lake
• Gulmit
• Hussaini Bridge Passu Cones
• Sost
• Karakoram Highway
• Khunjrab Pass
DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Karachi / Islamabad, Pakistan
DEPARTURE / RETURN DATE (Karachi) June 11, 2021 / June 21, 2021
DEPARTURE / RETURN DATE (Islamabad) June 13, 2021 / June 19, 2021
Daily Breakfast & Dinner Jeep s for Fairy Meadows Return tickets
Hotel Accommodation Basic first aid kit Bonfire arrangements
All transportation Professional guide Airport/Station pick & drop
Porter charges Daily lunch Cold drinks
Hot drinks Personal medication Entrance tickets




Day 1: Departure from Karachi

• Departure from Karachi 09:00 AM
• From Karachi Cantt station by Sir Syed train


Day 2: Arrival Islamabad

• Arrival Rawalpindi station at 09:00 PM
• Pickup from station and transfer to Hotel in Islamabad
• Dinner 10:00 PM (or according to arrival)
¶ Note: Members going by air will travel on this day from Karachi by any evening flight to Islamabad and will be given same services upon arrival.


Day 3: Departure for Chilas

• Meetup Time at 03:00 AM
• Departure for Naran 04:00 AM
• Breakfast at Demanchi Balakot at 07:00 AM
• Departure for Chillas 08:00 AM
• Stopover at Lulusar Lake
• Stopover at Babusar Pass
• Arrival Chillas hotel check in
• Free time to explore surroundings of Chillas Market
• Dinner at 09:00 PM
• Overnight stay in Chillas Shangrila Hotel


Day 4: Chilas to Fairy Meadows

• Breakfast at 07:00 AM
• Departure for Fairy Meadows 08:00 AM
• Stopover at Raikot Bridge
• Move to Tattu on Jeeps
• Start Trekking towards Fairy Meadows for 3 hours
• Arrival Fairy Meadows
• Hotel Check in Fairy Meadows Cottages
• Dinner 08:00 PM
• Overnight stay in Fairy Meadows


Day 5: Fairy Meadows Day Excursion

• Breakfast at 09:00 AM
• Visit of Bayal camp
• Free time at Bayal camp
• Explore Fairy meadows forest/ Raikot Glacier with a scenic view of Nanga Parbat
• Return to hotel in the evening
• Bonfire
• Dinner at 08:00 PM
• Overnight stay in Fairy Meadows Cottages


Day 6: Fairy Meadows to Hunza Valley 

• Breakfast at 07:00 AM
• Departure for Hunza Valley 08:00 AM
• Stopover at Nanga Parbat View point
• Stopover at Three mountain Junction point
• Stopover at Rakaposhi view point
• Arrival Karimabad
• Hotel Check in Hunza valley
• Visit of Baltit fort & karimabad Market
• Free time to explore Karimabad shopping and chilling in Cafe’s
• Dinner 09:00 PM
• Overnight stay in Karimabad


Day 7: Upper Hunza Valley & Khunjrab Pass 

• Breakfast call at 08:00 AM
• Departure for Upper Hunza Valley 09:00 AM
• Visit of Atabad lake
• Visit of Atabad Tunnels
• Visit of Hussaini Bridge and Gulmit Village
• Visit of Passu Cones View point
• Stopover at Sost
• Visit of Khunjrab pass (China border)
• Return to hotel in the evening
• Overnight stay in Hunza Continental/ Hunza Elites


Day 8: Hunza to Naran valley

• Breakfast call at 08:00 AM
• Departure for Besham 09:00 AM
• Stopover at Chilas and Babusar Top
• Arrival at Naran
• Dinner 09:00 PM
• Hotel Check in Hilton Naran/equal
• Overnight stay in Naran


Day 9: Naran to Islamabad

• Breakfast call 09:00 AM
• Departure for Islamabad 10:00 AM
• Stopover at Mansehra Motorway Rest area
• Arrival Islamabad in the evening
• Overnight stay Islamabad Premier Inn/ Faran Hotel (KHI Members Only)


Day 10: Departure for Karachi

• Breakfast call 09:00 AM
• Departure for Rawalpindi station 12:00 PM
• Departure for Karachi 01:00 PM by Sir Sayed Train
𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐞: Members going by air will travel by any morning flight from Islamabad to Karachi


Day 11: Arrival Karachi 

• Arrival at Karachi Cantt station 12:00 PM
• End of Tour

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