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The Neelum is the northernmost district located in Azad Jammu & Kashmir 450 Km from Islamabad. Taking up the larger part of the Neelam Valley, the district has a population of around 191,000 people (as of 2017). Neelum Valley lies in the Himalayan Range. Neelum Valley is a lush green valley in Azad Kashmir with lots of lakes and waterfalls. A river Neelam flows through the valley offers magnificent views. The Neelum Valley was known before the partition as Kishanganga and was subsequently renamed for the village of Neelum.

Neelum valley or district is the main tourist attraction of Azad Kashmir region in Pakistan. Neelum valley is also a border between Jammu Kashmir (Indian Occupied Kashmir). The main villages in the valley is Keran, Upper Neelum, Sharda, kel and taobat. Neelum valley is famous for lakes one of the biggest lake in the valley is Ratti Gali Lake accessible by jeep from Keran in Summers only. Neelum river which comes from Jammu Kashmir offers beautiful views of the valley which later on merge with the Jehlum river at Muzaffarabad (The capital of Azad Kashmir). People of Neelum speak Kashmiri language or Hindko Language. They are the most hospitable people in the region of Azad Kashmir. There are many hotels and resorts in Neelum Valley.  According to current situation, foreigners are not allowed to enter in Neelum district due to disputed land between India and Pakistan. Few parts of the valley is accessible all year but main attractions are only accessible in summers.

In our 10 days trip from Karachi and Islamabad, we cover all famous destinations like Kohala Bridge, Kashmir WaterFall, Muzafarabad, Dhani WaterFall, Neelum Jhelum Dam, Chilhana Crossing Point, Kuttan WaterFall, Keran Valley, Athmuqam, Ratti Gali Lake, Sharda Valley, Kel, Arrang Kel, Hilmat & Taobat.

The Bridge was firstly constructed in 1877, which connects Pakistan & Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The newly constructed bridge is located at Kohala small town Birote Kalan, Abbottabad district in 1993.

Athmuqam is the Tehsil of Neelum District. Its population was 7,922 in 2017. The town is reachable by Neelum road from Muzaffarabad. All the basic necessities of life are available there like, Post office, Banks, ATMs, Markets, and Hospitals.

Keran is a lush green valley situated on the Neelum River opposite of Indian occupied Kashmir (LOC) and tourist place in Neelum District. We provide a night stay in Valley Tracker, a local chain of resorts in Kashmir where you can enjoy their tasty food and bonfire in the night. The altitude of Keran is 1524 meters (5,000 ft) from sea level. The village Neelum is 2-3 km away from Keran. From there you can enjoy the majestic views of Keran and Indian side of Keran village.

Sharda is a small town in Neelum district, in Azad Kashmir. Sharda is a Tehsil of Neelum District and located at an altitude of 1,981 meters (6,499 ft) above sea level. Sharda is a very historical town; Sharda was a princess and Hindu goddess. Royal’s Adventure club provide one of the best hotels in the town with its majestic views Wadi Resort.

There are few more tourist attractions in neelum valley, which are accessible in summers only. These are Ratti Gali Lake, Baboon Meadows, Kel, Arrang Kel, Taobat & Shounter Valley. Royal’s Adventure club, provides suitable jeep rides to explore these remote and beautiful places. There are few wooden cottages are available in arrange Kel and taobat where you can stay overnight and enjoy nature.





Is the capital of Azad Kashmir, the city is located in Muzaffarabad District, near the confluence of the Jhelum and Neelum rivers. Muzaffarabad was founded in 1646 by Sultan Muzaffar Khan, chief of the Bomba tribe who ruled Kashmir. Red Fort was constructed by Muzaffar Khan in Muzaffarabad.

Royal’s Adventure Club provides the best hotels in Muzafarabad for its valuable guests Pearl Continental Muzaffarabad, Neelum View Hotel on the bank of the River Neelum. Our professional guides will take you to the Muzaffarabad market where you can buy some Kashmiri handicrafts, like shawls, caps, and dry fruits.

While staying at your hotel you can enjoy the spectacular view of the city or you can go for the day excursion trip to Pir Chanasi hill station and Siri Kot village. Muzafarabad is the only city in Ajk from where you can legally cross the border towards jammu Kashmir from the crossing point of Srinagar Border.

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